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PaperBarkTree is all about stories - my stories and your stories. I am very excited about presenting my children's stories that are values-based with an environmental focus. Teaching resources are available for each story. Stories and teaching resources are in eBook format. Branching Out is a branch of PaperBarkTree and seeks to encourage young writers by providing a space for their stories to be published. Young writers can add their stories directly on the website. All stories can be read on the website, which is responsive to PCs, smartphones and tablets.  There is a new environmental topic for each month. An anthology of all stories will be available at the end of the year.  There are terms and conditions for entry.   I look forward to hearing from you.  Enjoy the stories :)

Branching Out

Branching Out on PaperBarkTree as a writing platform for young writers from around the world to submit stories for publication on the website.  Young writers (ages 6-16) are invited to offer their stories on Branching Out.  All stories are located under the topic for the month. 

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All eBooks have been written with our environment, core values and virtues in mind. Children are encouraged to think about situations in their real world and how they can influence change and the resulting outcomes.

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Teaching Res.

Amanda appreciates the effort and time a teacher puts into to creating engaging activities for the classroom.  With this in mind, she has created Teaching Resources to accompany each of her stories.  The Teaching Resources are linked to the Australian Curriculum and can be easily adapted to curricula from other countries.

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